How to have a healthy relationship – The 5 Signs

How long have you been in your relationship? If you haven’t had much chance to see how a healthy, loving relationship works on a daily basis, taking some time to really study how to have a healthy relationship can give you a much better chance of having one yourself. There are lots of different styles of relationships that can work just fine, but all those successful relationship styles tend to have a few things in common.…

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Ways to Improve a Relationship

So first of all, well done you for at least thinking about ways to improve a relationship – so many of us just throw in the towel nowadays once it gets to feel a bit like hard work – when the novelty has gone, their little quirks annoy you, and you’ve figured you actually WON’T be able to change all things things about them you thought were changeable when you first got together.…

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How to repair a relationship

I talked about ways to improve a relationship before, but sometimes you need to discover how to repair a relationship – things have gotten to the point in your relationship where it’s not a case of ‘tweaking’ things to improve a relationship, but rather the relationship is broken.

I thought we’d look first at the hurdles to overcome before you can actually start to repair a relationship, then we’ll talk about the steps to take to repair it. Make sense? Hope so, let’s crack on……

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How to save my marriage today

Have you heard of the 3-year and 7-year itch? These are the common stages in a marriage where couples tend to hit a stumbling block. When you have been married for a long time, the relationship becomes habit an routine. You get stuck in your little ways and no longer try to attract or impress your spouse.

Are you at this point in your marriage? Maybe you have already split from your partner. Regardless of where you are now, there is hope ……

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Romantic gifts for a guy – Your shopping golden rule

Ladies, if you believe it to be cute, romantic and therefore cool, he will not. Simple as that.

Sure, your guy will make all the right noises, probably even use the gift because you bought it for him and he loves you, but he will almost definitely NOT truly like that cute romantic gift. Guys heads are just wired differently than womens’. Let me backtrack before I get assaulted in the Comments… cute and romantic gifts are great, when given to someone who will truly appreciate them and grasp the significance. But that someone is probably not your guy. Choosing …

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Tell-tale signs your ex wants you back

Do you still have strong feeling for your ex but don’t know if they feel they feel the same way about you? Well in this article I am going to reveal some tell-tale signs that will indicate whether or not they want to get back with you, so you can decide if he or she is really the right person for you.

If your ex display any of these behaviour you can be sure that they are interested in getting back with you.…

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He emotionally abandons me

Q: Anna asks:

We have been married for three years and this has gone on since. I never know when or for how long, he finally told me that his ex who he was for 8 yrs had them same “complaints” as he calls my concerns, he really doesn’t have a reason to offer me. When we are emotionally connected its great but for no apparent reason he leaves emotionally. I have tried discussing this with him, writing my feelings to offer to do anything to prevent this from happening again but I get no real answer We went to …

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How To Know if You Are In A Good Relationship

Recently a client asked me how she would know if she was in a good relationship. If she was doing a good job at her work, she would get promoted. If she was doing well in school, she would get good grades. But if she was doing well in relationships, well, what would she get?

The answer to this question may seem beyond obvious – you would have love, of course, one might say. But typically, people can’t tell whether they are in a good relationship or not. Can you?…

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Heart Healing Guided Meditations

In my search to accelerate personal and relationship growth for clients, I have been sampling guided-visualization CDs and MP3s. I have probably tested at least 30 different guided meditation CDs and have finally come up with a list of five that I highly recommend to anyone trying to patch up a difficult relationship or working on attracting “the one.”

Below is a list of the CDs, and coaching on how I suggest you use each one. If you are searching for a way to heal your heart and improve your relationship and love life, I suggest you give these a …

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