What’s Possible For Women When Conscious Men Witness

I spoke this to Paul, I spoke this to him from a place of masculinity inside of me that is truly baffled by what I see in many men. It was the old world looking at the present, utterly thrown.

To say that what I shared with Paul didn’t affect him would be a lie, but how he handled it made me marvel at the man he is. Paul could have taken what I shared as a personal attack. He could have had a lot of reactions. I saw the pain in his face as the truth poured from my …

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How to have a healthy relationship – The 5 Signs

How long have you been in your relationship? If you haven’t had much chance to see how a healthy, loving relationship works on a daily basis, taking some time to really study how to have a healthy relationship can give you a much better chance of having one yourself. There are lots of different styles of relationships that can work just fine, but all those successful relationship styles tend to have a few things in common.…

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Romantic gifts for a guy – Your shopping golden rule

Ladies, if you believe it to be cute, romantic and therefore cool, he will not. Simple as that.

Sure, your guy will make all the right noises, probably even use the gift because you bought it for him and he loves you, but he will almost definitely NOT truly like that cute romantic gift. Guys heads are just wired differently than womens’. Let me backtrack before I get assaulted in the Comments… cute and romantic gifts are great, when given to someone who will truly appreciate them and grasp the significance. But that someone is probably not your guy. Choosing …

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Understanding men – Men need space

Imagine how you would act if you would be home alone. Now imagine how he would act if he would be alone. And now draw an imaginary red line between your life and his life. We will be speaking a lot about this red line later on when we talk about saving or keeping a relationship. But already now you should know that everything about your relationship takes place on this red line or in its area. It is all about how deep you penetrate his territory or how far he goes into yours. Sometimes it only takes the understanding …

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Relationship Couseling

When should you go to a relationship counseling?

5 situations that require relationship counseling:

1. If one of the partners cheated on the other and both of them want to repair their relationship. Betrayal is one of the hardest things to come over in a relationship the hurting partner must have a place and time to deal with all the hard and negative feelings so they wont reappear later on. The hurting partner must take responsibility for his actions and both of them must learn to build trust again and understand where did their relationship went wrong. Its very hard …

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5 Tips On How to Make a Relationship Work

Do you have problems in your relationship? Do you finding yourself fighting a lot, and can’t agree about anything? It’s ok. A lot of couples today feel the same way. So what to do? How to make a relationship work?

Spend time together– in today’s life our schedule is very busy, we can find our self with no time to breath and with no time for our partners. You need to set up a time that no matter what- you are spending it together. You must understand that relationship is just like any other business, you need to invest …

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