9 Tips on How to Ask a Girl out


Trying to figure out how to seduce women or how to ask a girl out has never been a problem to some guys. It just seems to come easy to them. But sometimes the rate of success also depends on the girl, which is often the monkey wrench thrown in the works. No matter how smooth you are, sometimes it can be difficult to ask some girls out. Especially if you are really into her. You could find yourself in the friend zone. Hanging out with her while in the company of friends is all good, but unless you ask her out on a date, you are doomed to spend the rest of your life stuck in the friend zone. The thing is, any guy can ask any girl out on a date. All you need to do is remember:

  1. She’s waiting for you to ask. Despite what you hear from hardcore feminists, women like being asked out. They are waiting for you to be a man and take charge. Many professional women in very powerful positions often lament on how men are intimidated by them and no longer ask them out to dates. They wish you would. It might seem daunting at first; she’s beautiful, successful and charming. Completely out of your league. Forget all that, she is waiting for you to ask her out. Go ahead and do it.
  2. It isn’t that difficult. Most people already know how to ask a girl out, they just often shoot themselves in the foot. Do it in person or on the phone. Be straightforward and don’t try to be too fancy (that comes later). Poking her on Facebook completely undermines your manliness.
  3. Don’t over think it. As mentioned in the earlier point, most people overthink things. When trying to seduce women, don’t plan out every aspect. Okay, it’s prudent to have a few jokes memorized and some conversation fillers for those awkward moments of silence. But planning out every aspect of the ‘ask’ is a total risk. What if it doesn’t go according to plan? You didn’t exactly send her a script, you know! Just be natural and go with the flow.
  4. Do your homework. It pays to find out a bit about the girl of your dreams first. Does she like to be taken out on a movie date or a nice evening dinner? Ask her friends for tips. But if you just saw her across the bar, then use your intuition. Her dressing style should tell you a lot about who she is.
  5. Keep it simple. Again, don’t try to be too fancy. A nice cozy dinner date at your place will leave her impressed by the fact that you can cook, and besides, it just might end up in your bed. But one thing at a time. Dates are supposed to be a simple interaction. A one on one conversation so you guys can figure out if you gel. Keep it simple and sweet, same as for example on adultfrienedfinder app.
  6. Be calm. Over the top tripping over your own tongue might be flattering for some girls, but research shows that cool, calm and collected guys succeed more when asking girls out. Be laid back and not too eager.
  7. Keep the attention to a minimum. You had your own life before her, stick to it. Girls might like the attention but too much of anything is poisonous. Do not suffocate her. A phone call or a text or two a day to show her that she is still on your mind is okay but keep your life. She needs to see that you have your own thing going too.
  8. Prepare for rejection. In this game, the first thing you are told when you are looking to learn how to ask a girl out, you are told that you will be rejected. Every now and then you will come across that clueless woman who doesn’t seem to be in awe of your awesomeness. It’s okay. You didn’t have her before you asked her out, you don’t have her now. Nothings changed. Either give it another go or just move on to the next one.
  9. Just do it! At some point, a man just has to jump in with both feet. This is one of those times. Enough reading about how to ask a girl out. Pick up your phone, call her up and Seduce Women Like a King!

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