22 Tips to Get Laid Easy


At some point in his life, every man has asked himself how to seduce women. Since most men don’t have rock star looks which increases chances of taking a woman to bed at the first attempt, a different sort of approach is needed. You can get laid easy by following a few simple tips.

  1. Make an effort to look as good as you can. Anyone can clean up, dress nice, and comb their hair. Looks aren’t everything, but it is what people see first.
  2. Your body language is part of your appearance, use it to your advantage. You want to appear confident to seduce women, so make it look like you are comfortable with your body.
  3. Find a girl at your looks level. If you are a 6, look for a 6 or below to get laid easy. Remember, you aren’t searching for a soul mate on adultfrienedfinder app to improve the family gene pool, this is about sex.
  4. Let a woman know you are interested with the loo-then-look-away method on the dance floor. Make eye contact with a woman you want to get to know. Keep the contact locked and intense for a few beats, then look away and go back to whatever you were doing. Be nonchalant. After a bit, do it again. Pay attention this time. Is she looking back? If she looks interested, position yourself in a place where you can casually introduce yourself. Otherwise let it go, and find someone else. Don’t be a creep.
  5. Stay where you can see the whole room. Moving around too much makes it hard to find her, and looks like you are spastic.
  6. Not 100% comfortable starting conversations? Hang out with guys that fill your gaps. Teamwork is great when seducing women, since they often travel in groups.
  7. It doesn’t matter what you look like if you stink. Woman notice bad smells right away, and it’s a deal breaker.
  8. Have something that you are good at to talk about. This is not about showing off, this is about letting her know that you are a real person with a life, not just some mouth breather who hangs out in clubs.
  9. While confidence is very good, over confidence can be a turn-off when you are trying to seduce women. Tell a self-deprecating story. Keep it simple. Let her know you don’t take yourself too seriously.
  10. Watch her while she talks. Keep this in mind if you want to seduce women, women are suckers for attention.
  11. Pay enough attention to what she is saying to ask an occasional question.
  12. Being a little bit of a dick makes you look more human and less phony. It will keep her on her toes. Just don’t overdo it and be too insulting.
  13. Have a unique personality trait that you stick with. Are you funny or quirky? Be yourself, it’s easier than pretending to be someone new if you want to get laid easy.
  14. Don’t always talk about the negative. No one likes a downer.
  15. Do not under any circumstances talk about your ex. Just don’t. You can not seduce a woman by talking about another woman.
  16. Dance, even if you are a crap dancer. Women want to see that you are comfortable enough with yourself to move.
  17. Taking shots of tequila may get you onto the dance floor, just don’t drink until you puke.
  18. A great way to get laid easy is to be generous. Be a gentleman and buy her drinks.
  19. Know a few local places nearby, maybe a quiet coffee place where you can get to know her better.
  20. Work on being her friend. It is much easier to seduce a woman who thinks you want to get to know her.
  21. Compliments are like attention, a little goes a long way. Sound sincere and don’t go overboard. Whether you comment on her beautiful eyes, or her funny sense of humor, make it sound natural.
  22. Don’t let your self worth hang on whether or not you get laid easy. Go out and enjoy life, and let getting laid be the icing on the cake.

If you can’t remember all these, then follow a few straightforward guidelines to get laid easy. Clean yourself up and keep breath mints handy. Try to be interesting and attentive. Most of all, be the best version of yourself. Then you can go out and Seduce Women Like a King!

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