12 Ways to Escape the Friend Zone


You are friends with a woman whom you would rather make love to rather than just being her buddy. It may be difficult to make her change her mind to think of you as her prospective boyfriend as she has got used to having you as her friend. However, it is not impossible to seduce women and move  out of the friend zone either, and the following tips will give you some insight on how to do this.

  1. Stop being the shoulder she cries on: If this woman has got used to crying on your shoulder every time she breaks up with a guy, put a stop to it subtly. This is the first step to show her that this is not the role you would like to be playing in her life, and it may be an indication that you would like to move out of her friend zone.
  2. Small advances: Use small advances to show her that you want much more from your relationship rather than remaining in the friend zone You do not want to simply goof around her like a friend. So you can start by holding her gaze in a seductive way while talking to her, caressing her cheek or her hand, and compliment her on the way she looks.
  3. Getting physical in a subtle way: Physical touch can mean a great deal. (Check our article on her erogenous zones.)Find occasions where you can touch her in a subtle way, such as putting your hand gently on hers while sitting at a table, or placing your hand on her back while standing or walking like you were discussing on adultfrienedfinder app.
  4. Introducing dates: Try to come up with date-like ideas so as to show her you would like to be alone with her. For example, after you finish your lecture ask her to go for a coffee with you. This is a way to show her that you want to move out of her friend zone as you are interested in being her boyfriend.
  5. Friendly advice: If one of her friends used to date you in the past, you could consider asking your ex girlfriend to tell her subtly how good you used to be as a boyfriend.
  6. Be a gentleman: To seduce women you have to be a true gentleman. Try to be as respectful and as chivalrous as possible. She may get the message that you do not want to be just friends.
  7. Breaking up from her current boyfriend: If this woman is already in a relationship with another guy, it gets a bit more difficult for you. One thing is for sure – do not consider trying out ways which could lead them to break up. You should never use your friendship in such a way. It could actually put you at a disadvantage. Also never show her that you can be jealous.
  8. Respect: Do not be overly willing to oblige her in everything. You have your own needs too, and so you should start to show her that you can help one another, just like a man and woman do in a love affair.
  9. Introducing new friends: You may try to consider making her feel jealous by introducing some of your new female friends to her. This could help her understand that you mean more to her and she wants you as a lover rather than just keeping you at bay within her friend zone.
  10. Absence: Try to avoid being around all the time. Make her miss you a bit as this will help her realize that you mean a lot more to her.
  11. Changes in your look: If you have been friends for a long time she will have got used to the way you look. So it could be helpful if you introduce a change in your style so as to make her view you in a different light. To seduce women you need to excite them. So consider trying out a new hairstyle for example. This could make her want you more and you could easily move out of the friend zone.
  12. Pluck up the courage to tell her how you feel: This may be the best way to show her that you want to take your relationship to the next level. But be careful how to voice your emotions.

If all else fails, it may be difficult to remain her friend. There may be one or more reasons which are discouraging her from moving you out of the friend zone. You tried hard to seduce her but to no avail. So you must make the decision as to whether to stop your friendship altogether at this point, as it may be too hard for you to spend time with her when you are in love with her and she does not want you as her lover. In such cases it may be best to express your feelings to her and move on. But do not give up. There are many other hot girls out there and this experience should not dishearten you to Seduce Women Like a King!

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